Ruger Trailers

Basic Ruger TrailerThe Ruger "C416" Base Model is built to be the 'civilian' version of the M416 trailer. It's specs are nearly identical, but the Ruger is, of course, all new. This trailer is what you would build in your garage if you had the time and know-how. Instead of spending $1000 on an old military trailer and other few thousand and months of your life on upgrades and modifications, for just $3,495 you can start with a great base and build your ultimate overlanding trailer from there.

The base trailer includes a waterproof lid, Jeep wheels on standard size tires, a storage rack, and many other basic features. A basic set of upgrades are available from Ruger, such as gas/water racks, a propane holder, spare tire and carrier, and other options. It's great that someone is building a complete starter trailer that is well within most budgets.

Visit their site: for more information.

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