You already know they do travel trailers (called caravans down under) to the extreme in Australia. Well, we may have found the most epic heavy dyty Australian camper / travel trailer: the BruderX

Expedition Portal reports that the amazing Conqueror Off Road Camper is availble in North America!

One of the top exploration campers worldwide will now have a permanent place on our continent, based in Ohio.

Early orders can expect delivery in late fall 2016 or early winter 2017.

See the Expedition Portal site for full details or visit Conqueror Off-Road North America

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 14:21

ADAK Adventure Trailer

The ADAK Adventure trailer is not for the faint of heart. This full featured trailer is primarly built for hunters, but could easily be used for exciting overland & off road travel. While it won't tackle technical trails, it'll certainly get you into the backcountry.

The trailer includes 3 beds, a kitchen, shower, generator, and plenty of storage. These rugged trailers are built to be light (rolling weight is coming soon), strong, and able to handle many basic trails.

Pricing is not available on their website, but we've contacted them to get a general range.

ADAK Adventure Trailer

ADAK Adventure Trailer interior

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