Monday, 08 May 2017 13:31

Air OPUS Camper

The original OPUS Camper was created in the UK to fill the lightweight tent-trailer niche, and now they have a US distributor.

While the OPUS Camper is a great trailer, we're most excited about their new Air OPUS Camper.

In a recent blog post, RV Rental site Outdoorsy.CO details "The Return of Teardrop Trailers".

For those following our site & the off-road-trailer marketplace for a while will not be surprised.

Monday, 13 February 2017 21:55

Solar Power for Your Off-Road Trailer

Regardless of whether you're using an overland style 4x4 trailer, a traditional travel trailer, or one of the really cool new teardrop styles, power when off the grid will always be a concern.

While your vehicle will provide power and charge your trailer battery(ies) while connected, once you're parked & setup, you'll need to run your gadgets, lights, and accessories for hours or days.

Naturally one of the best investments to help manage power can come in the form of a solar setup. Once your solar system is setup & configured for your trailer, it can provide clean, free power for years to come.

Hema Maps published a great article covering Camping with Solar Power. While they voltages are different than those in North America, the concepts of amperage, watts, and capacity are still applicable to us.

Hema Maps Camping with Solar

If you're an Amazon customer, there are several great options for an inexpensive solar panel setup:

Goal Zero

Goal Zero is a common brand that manufacturers a variety of solar panels & battery systems. While they're not the least expensive, their gear is well thought out and tested.

Goal Zero Boulder 30w solar panel - Off Road Trailer Info

Flexible Solar Panel

For a more portable option that still provides great power, a flexible solar panel like this 60w version from PowerFilm can be a good solution. 

PowerFilmm 60w foldable solar panel - Off Road Trailer Info

80W Portable Solar Panel

For max power in the smallest package, this 80w hard-sided solar panel from GoPower! folds up nicely and includes a stand so you can always get max power from the sun.

PowerFilmm 60w foldable solar panel - Off Road Trailer Info

The Cricket Trailer, from Taxa Outdoors has seen quite a bit of press...but the California based company has plenty more to offer!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 20:20

Oregon Trail'R | This Is How We Roll (Video)

How do the owners of Oregon Trail'R Roll? Watch to find out!

Monday, 24 October 2016 17:00

TerraDrop from Oregon Trail'R

For a great low-starting price of $13,500, the Christianson brothers from Oregon Trail'R will build you a custom adventure-ready Teardrop, they call it the TerraDrop.

You already know they do travel trailers (called caravans down under) to the extreme in Australia. Well, we may have found the most epic heavy dyty Australian camper / travel trailer: the BruderX

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 09:38

Rhino Lining the MORV Trailer

A major part of our upgrades of the Manley ORV EXPLORE trailer (See July 2014 issue of TCT Magazine), was adding a Rhino Lining to the bed. Not only does the heavy duty lining protect the steel inside the trailer, it makes moving around boxes and gear a little easier as well.

Like any good project, the success of lining a trailer comes down to two factors: Preparation and Expertise.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 10:51

XVenture Introduction Video

Schutt Industries put together a great intro video for their newly redesigned XVenture XV-2 "Severe Duty" trailer.

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