africa trailerOff Road Trailers (also known as Adventure Trailers or Overland / Expedition Trailers) have been around for decades. These trailers have been used to support worldwide expeditions, Saharan safaris, and thousands of weekend camping trips around the world. These types of trailers are also very popular with hunters looking to get as far into the backcountry as possible.




Off Road Trailers can be broken down into four basic types:

expo trailer campa

Production Model Expedition Trailers from companies like Adventure Trailers, Outlander Trailers, and others. For a complete list of builders, see our Overland/Expedition Trailer page.


jumping jack trailerTent Trailers: Basic inexpensive trailers that support large tents. Jumping Jack, Kamparoo, and others have many tent trailer options. Visit our Tent Trailers page for a complete list.




baja popupPopup Camper Trailers: There are several off-road capable popup trailers available from Coleman, Starcraft, and others. Our Popup Trailer page has a complete listing.







diy pic

Homebuilt/DIY Trailers: There are hundreds of options for building your own off road trailer.

Visit our Homebuilt/DIY page for more information





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