• Overland / Expedition Style Trailers

    Overland / Expedition Style off road trailers refer to trailers specifically built for off road/4x4 trail use. These trailers usually feature large tires and an advanced suspension system. They also often Read More
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    Tent trailers are specifically built for large, heavy duty tents. These adventure trailers are a great option if you need a multi room tent setup. Many hunters that don’t venture Read More
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    There are literally hundreds of different options when building your own trailer. From starting with a donor trailer (such as a military M-416), to building a true custom trailer from Read More
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    Pop Up campers have come a long way in the last few years. In the past, pop-ups were big, bulky, and great for on the highway, but terrible for anything Read More
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This is a very cool DIY build from ExCop Off Road in Las Vegas, NVExCop Off Road Toyota FJ Cruiser Trailer




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Off Road Trailer - Adventure Trailer Videos

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  • TC Teardrop Off Road Trailer +

    TC Teardrop trailers are available in 4X8, 5X8, 5X9 and Read More
  • Off Road Dog House Teardrop +

    A rugged and roomy teardrop for the serious explorer, the Read More
  • Vintage Overland Teardrop (Caravans) +

    The latest (as of mid-2015) entry into the teardrop market Read More
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TC Teardrop trailers are available in 4X8, 5X8, 5X9 and 5X10 sizes, and for $1,500 above the standard price yours can be built with their Off Road Extreme Package.

TC Teardrop Off Road Teardrop Trailer

This package sets the trailer up for moderate off-highway usage, and will alow the trailer to tackle many 4WD Low-Range trails. It includes:

  • 16" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • 245/70/16 Firestone Destination A/T Radial Tires
  • Jeep-style squared-off fenders
  • 45 degree, heavy-duty 3,500 lb de-rated torsion axle with 10" Electric Brakes
  • A-Frame tongue
  • Lock N Roll Articulating Hitch
  • Five 2" accessory receivers (one in rear, two per side)
  • Rhino-Rack Jerry Can Holder

A fully kitted 5X8 trailer with the Off Road Package comes in at under $8,500, so this is a great option for an inexpensive overland teardrop.

A rugged and roomy teardrop for the serious explorer, the Off Road Dog House from Lead Dog Motorsports comes in either a 4X8 or wide 5X8 size and includes plenty of extras in the low sub $8,500 price.

Off Road Dog House

Taking our idea of the Big List one step further, The Adventure Portal has created an epic buyers guide that includes detailed specifications and pricing information on over 60 trailers from 27 manufaturers.

The guide is basically your one-stop shop for finding the perfect off-road trailer, ready for 2016 adventures!

If you're looking for an all-in-one Off Road camper trailer, the Everest 1 from Latitude Campers may be the perfect choice.

The 7' X 4' tent-trailer comes complete with a large fold out tent with queen size spring mattress, 12v power system & 110v inverter, water pump with faucet, and a built in double burner stove. The feature list goes on and on, starting at just $14,700.


See their site for more info.

The latest (as of mid-2015) entry into the teardrop market comes from Grand Junction, Colorado: Vintage Overland.

Vintage Overland Teardrop trailer

These teardrop style "caravan" trailers come in 3 flavors:

The Tuco, a basic model that's 4' X 8' and doesn't include a rear hatch.

The Great Escape is 4' X 8' and includes a rear hatch and additional LED lighting.

The T.E. Lawrence is 5' X 8' and includes a larger bed, extra LED lighting, a writing desk, and additional storage.

The trailers start at $10,500 and take around 6 weeks to be hand-built. They're accepting orders for 2016 now.

Vintage Overland Review

X-Venture Sneek-HDRYou’ve seen the original version of the XVenture Trailer by Schutt Industries in the first season of Expedition Overland. It’s a stout off road trailer built to military specifications to handle years of heavy-duty use and abuse.

At Overland Expo we got a sneak peek at the latest evolution of the XVenture, which will be featured in the upcoming Season 2 of XO. This version of the trailer has several significant upgrades over the original, including:

africa trailerOff Road Trailers (also known as Adventure Trailers or Overland / Expedition Trailers) have been around for decades. These trailers have been used to support worldwide expeditions, Saharan safaris, and thousands of weekend camping trips around the world. These types of trailers are also very popular with hunters looking to get as far into the backcountry as possible.



onecubicfootHow much storage do you need?

Face it, the main reason many of us start dreaming of an off-road trailer is to carry all of our great gear into the back country. It could be because our family has grown and we need the space in the truck (as is in the case in our family) or it could be that you're sick of packing up your vehicle every time you want to go wheeling.

Perhaps most importantly, many want to be able to spend an extended amount of time off the grid, and a well stocked trailer makes it much easier.



Off Road Trailer - Adventure Trailer Videos