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The SylvanSport GO Trailer is a multi-use tent style trailer that can serve multiple purposes in your adventure life.

Weighing in at just 840lbs, the trailer can be used as a camper (obviously), to haul gear, or as a utility trailer.

SylvanSport GO Off Road Trailer

No, this trailer doesn't look like a typical Off Road Trailer, and it isn't. Even though it's lightweight and brightly colored, it sport a torsion suspension with 10" of ground clearance in stock form. Move the spare tire from under the trailer, and you'll see 13" of clearance. 

While the trailer doesn't come with All Terrain tires, it's still capable of tackling dirt roads and getting you far off the grid.

SylvanSport GO Off Road Trailer

Once fully deployed, up to 4 people can sleep in the tent. Just convert the table to expand the bed to its full size (larger than a king). The included awning adds an additional 114" of 'patio space' suitable for cooking, relaxing, or staying out of the rain.

SylvanSport GO Off Road Trailer

In "travel mode" the cargo area is a full 39cu ft., suitable for hauling anything you need for your adventure. The built-in rack can handle up to another 200lbs of kayaks, bikes, or other outdoor gear.

SylvanSport GO Off Road Trailer

If you're not heading for the outdoors, the trailer can be used as a standard utility trailer by easily removing the tent module. You can haul up to 800lbs of what ever you need.

SylvanSport GO Off Road Trailer

Priced at $9,995 in the US, this is a great way to get outdoors without breaking the bank. SylvanSport has a network of dealers around the country, so you should be able to find a trailer nearby.

SylvanSport GO Adventure Trailer

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